Idle Shopping Mall Empire: Time Management & Money

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Description of Idle Shopping Mall Empire: Time Management & Money

Welcome to Idle Shopping Mall Empire, the game that every lover of time management, money and business games will enjoy. Are you ready to be the tycoon of the best shopping mall?

Become a shopping magnate and create an empire, managing and administering your fashion and food stores, supermarket and money to improve your business! Be smart spending money, think two times before change something in your supermarket.

This simulator will help you to create an imaginary business with bakery, restaurant and café shop. Be a manager of your own time and collect money to have a successful business.

You have always enjoyed shopping malls, a market where you have everything: supermarkets, fashion boutiques, bakeries, cafes or food restaurants where chefs and cooks cook live. Now you can be the owner of the shopping centre and be the manager of the whole business.

Build your business, earn more money and improve your business by levelling your cashiers and updating your food and clothing inventory! Unlock new products and unlock the full potential of your customers - build your empire of gold!
It's time to buy more! It's the moment for time management! 💰💰💰

Are you ready to be rich, get lots of gold and money? Open the shops, help the customers and start to make money. The best idle tycoon simulator is ready for you. Make more money to buy an idle tycoon!

Build the market where families, boys and girls can enjoy. The more customers you can attract to your supermarket to buy, the more cash you can get.

In this tycoon, idle, tap and clicker game, you will have to improve your time and money management in order to advance in the different levels of the game. Get more shopping malls to increase your business. Manage the supermarkets to become the richest tycoon.

💰💰💰 Features of Idle Shopping Mall Empire 💰💰💰

- Configure your stores to increase your income during inactivity
- Make money during inactivity, even when you're offline
- Discover 20 amazing products in the mall
- Manage up to 20 great stores and supermarkets
- Decide the management of your shopping centre
- Increase purchases to increase cash
- Sales and Purchasing Simulator game
- Clicker and Tap to improve your shops
- Simulator play online and offline

If you like the incremental games of idle and tycoon, you'll like this market management game for its casual playability. Idle Shopping Mall Empire is a simple game to play for boys and girls.

Open your first shop and begin you empire. Coin by coin and step by step you will create your new empire and you will be a idle tycoon, collect all the gold and... make money with you shopping mall. Do not lose your time, and manage your resources! This you only way to become an idle tycoon.

💰💰💰 It's time to buy more! 💰💰💰

Create your shopping mall empire by optimizing your stores and profits!
Become the richest tycoon of all supermarkets in this simulator game. Idle tycoon games are perfect to understand the time management and resources.

Do you have a problem or suggestion?

The team at Idle Shopping Mall Empire will be delighted to help you.

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Good App Guaranteed!

Good App Guaranteed!

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